Fair Lines Arizona is a 501c4 not for profit which is focused on Arizona’s redistricting process. Fair Lines Arizona seeks to work with the people of Arizona and the Arizona Redistricting Commission to ensure that communities of interest are protected.


Jonathan is a born and bred Arizonan who’s family settled here in the 1800’s. For generations the Lines family proved the American Dream exists through hard work and dedication to church, family and the constitution. Jonathan carries on that legacy as the Chairman of Fair Lines Arizona. 

Jonathan is a natural leader and that is apparent by his long list of accomplishments and titles. Professionally, Jonathan is the General Manager and President of Lines and Lundgreen Roofing & Insulation as well as a partner in a commercial real estate development firm. He is a member of the National Advisory Board for Johns Manville, Arizona Grand Canyon Council of the Boy Scouts, Caballeros de Yuma, Yuma Rotary Club, as well as the former Chairman of the Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation.

Politically, Jonathan has been elected to every level of the party including Arizona State Republican Party Chairman. Jonathan became a Republican at a young age when he knocked doors with his Grandmother for Ronald Reagan and was quickly encouraged to become more involved. Since then, Jonathan has served as a Precinct and State Committeemen for decades; served as a County Chairman for 3 terms and the State Party Treasurer before becoming Chairman. As Chairman, Jonathan raised record amounts of money, built an extensive field operation and expanded the party’s outreach efforts. As a result of Jonathan’s work, Arizona republicans won the majority of Statewide and federal offices as well as maintained majorities in the Arizona House and Senate before deciding to run for Yuma County Supervisor, a position he currently holds. 

While Jonathan is a hard worker and dedicates himself to many causes, his driving force is family. Married to Rosalie, his wife, they have 8 boys and 2 girls that carry on the life lessons from their parents. Jonathan and Rosalie are also now proud grandparents to 2 toddlers. 

Ensuring that communities of interest are protected.






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